Tasmanian Feline Association

2023 ACF National Show

The Tasmanian Feline Assocition (Tas Feline) invites everyone to join them in Launceston to celebrate the Australian Cat Federation's 50th Anniversary in conjunction with the World Cat Congress

Show Venue - Silverdome Launceston 55 Oakden Road, Launceston

Our Esteemed Judges

Subject To Change

  • Kathy Calhoun (CFA)

  • Rachel Anger (CFA) - Adviser

  • Annette Sjödin (FIFe)

  • John Hansson (GCCF)

  • Jan van Rooyen (SACC)

  • Vickie Jo Harrison (TICA)

  • Anneliese Hackmann  (WCF)

  • David Colley (NZCF)

  • Erin Brown (FCCQ)

  • Kingsley Schmidtke (GCCFSA)

  • World Cat Congress (WCC) Seminar


  • Our Presenters for the WCC Seminar are: 

  • Professor Leslie Lyons PhD - Gilbreath-McLorn Endowed Professor of Comparative Medicine, University of Missouri

  • Genetic updates & advancements

  • Associate Professor Heather Lorimer -PhD GeneticsDepartment of Biological Sciences, Youngstown State University

  • Subspecies view, genetic diversity, and health implications.

  • Dr Richard Malik  -PhD, University of Sydney ,Consultant for the Centre for Veterinary Education

  • Feline infectious diseases with major focus on FIP and the treatment thereof.

  • Professor Jan Slapeta - University of SydneyProfessor of Veterinary and Molecular Parasitology, Associate Head of Research

  •  Toxoplasmosis and Toxoplasma: what is really going on?

  • Dr Justine Schellekens 

  •  FLUTD & Hematuria Detect